Hello, I'm Murali Krishna Gurunathan
Full Stack Developer
PHP / Laravel Developer
About Me
Smart Worker

Why Choose Me..?

I am a self motivated person and I try to exceed your expectations with high-quality work. Being a fast learner, I quickly pick up business knowledge related to my project.

I have the experience and the attitude to excel. Working as a Software Engineer with reputed organisations like Oracle India Pvt., Ltd., has given me first hand experience in various Domains.

Having in-depth knowledge on Agile Methodologies. Certified Scrum Master.

Skills are common. Talent is rare.
14 Years of Experience in PHP
8 Years of Experience in Laravel
Tailwind CSS
5 Years of Experience in Tailwind CSS
4 Years of Experience in Livewire
3 Years of Experience in Flutter
12 Years of Experience in AWS
Trust is always earned, never given.
Web Applications
E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, Drupal, WordPress
Cloud Management
Cost effective Cloud Architecture Solutions
Mobile Applications
iOS / Android Mobile Applications (Using Flutter)
Well done is better than well said.